An AAM-Certified Training Program

Violet Zherka Training Academy

Violet Zherka’s class lessons incorporate four of your most important senses needed to create: listening, visualizing, discussing, and touch. She has applied her background in art into her program. From an artistic approach, Violet has made it possible for almost anyone to learn, understand, love, and create.

Here at Violet Zherka’s Training Academy, artists are born!

Violet Zherka

Comsetic Tattoo Fundamental Training Course

Here at Violet Zherka’s Academy we offer a top notch educational experience. Our Primary Training Course,is set up to help you succeed! This intensive packed course will give the beginning student a solid fundamental education to get started in the cosmetic tattoo industry.

We are a licensed institute with an approved training program by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM), and Violet Zherka is a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). Violet is also a Certified Platinum Trainer with the AAM. Our Training course follows all the American Academy of Micropigmentations guidelines, which are the highest in the permanent cosmetics industry. The AAM is one of the largest international organizations in the permanent cosmetics industry and one of the only organizations that officially approves permanent cosmetic trainers.

This 106 hour primary course is an excellent introduction to permanent cosmetics (41 hours of home study and 65 hours of class room study).

Come and learn the necessary skills that will set you apart from other technicians starting out in the business!


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